How Do You Play the Game Snaps?


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In the multi-player card game Snaps, players turn over cards one at a time, looking to steal cards from another player's pile when the overturned card matches another upturned card. The player who collects all the cards from all players wins the game. The game requires at least two players and is played with an extra deck when more than four people play.

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  1. Set up the game
  2. Deal the cards to players one at a time in clockwise fashion. Players do not look at the cards, but instead place them face down in a pile in front of them. It is acceptable if some players end up with more cards. The player to the dealer's immediate left starts the game.
  3. Turn the cards
  4. Take turns flipping the top card on the down-facing stacks to create a new upturned pile. Continuing flipping cards in turn until the value of the most recent flipped card matches another upturned card on another players pile. For example, a Jack of clubs matches a Jack of hearts on another player's pile.
  5. Shout "Snap"
  6. Shout "Snap" as soon a player turns over a matching card. The first person to shout wins the cards from each pile that has a matching card. Continue flipping cards in turn to win more cards until one player, the winner, possesses all the cards in play.
  7. Make a Snap pool
  8. Move the two piles with matching cards to the center of the table in a single pile if two players shout "Snap" simultaneously. The game resumes as normal with players able to win a pile for any matching card. When a flipped card matches the upturned card in the center pile, the first player to shout "Snap pool" wins all the cards from the center pile.
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