How Do You Play the Game "Roll and Rotate"?

How Do You Play the Game "Roll and Rotate"?

To play "Rotate and Roll," use the arrow keys to tilt the screen and navigate the ball or balls toward the bubble. The game is available on as of 2015.

To find the game on, visit the homepage and click All Games A-Z. Find the game on the list, and click on it.

Click Play after the game loads, and then click New Game. If you've played the game before, click Continue and select a level.

The left and right arrow keys tilt every item on the game screen in that direction. The goal of each level is navigating all the balls to the bubble. Many levels only have one ball, but some levels have multiple balls. If the ball falls off the screen, it pops, and you must restart that level.

Some levels have a gold star that activates the bubble. In these levels, the ball must roll over the gold star first. Once that happens, the bubble turns from gray to blue, and balls that touch it complete the level. While the bubble is gray, the ball passes through it.

Some levels have black ball creatures with points to avoid. If the ball touches one, it pops. Some of these creatures have a red aura. These creatures appear and disappear.

Each level has a score meter that counts down to zero. Once you complete the level, the amount on the score meter adds to your current score.