How Do You Play the Game "Ray Part 3"?


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As of June 2015, the Ray games developer hasn't released a full “Ray Part 3” game. Gamers can play “Ray Part 3: Introduction,” but the developer states at the beginning of the game that this isn't “Ray Part 3” and that the full game is still in development.

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Players still can enjoy the other games in the Ray series, which are interactive movies that allow the player to make choices that affect the outcome of the movies. In “Ray Part 2,” each choice that the players make affects the scores that they receive at the end of the movie. The amount of cash that the players have left also determines their scores.

Gamers cannot complete “Ray Part 2” in one sitting. To see every ending and every scene, they have to play the game between four to five times. If they die during a mission, they don't have to restart the whole game. Instead, they go back to the last choice that they made. If the player stumbles across a part of the game that is too hard, they can skip it to progress in the game. However, the developer doesn't recommend that people skip any scenes because the game is an interactive movie, and doing so could make them miss the plot.

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