How Do You Play the Game "Plants Vs. Zombies 2"?


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The object of "Plants vs. Zombies 2" is to place defensive plants on a grid in order to stop an oncoming horde of zombies. The zombies can destroy the plants, and the player only has limited resources with which to build new plants, so planning and strategy are key.

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Most of the plants have some form of weaponry they fire at oncoming zombies, such as seeds that are used as projectiles. Barriers can also be erected to slow zombies down while the plants pepper them with fire. As the player progresses through the game's maps, new types of enemies are introduced and new defensive measures become available.

"Plants vs. Zombies 2" is played very much like the original game, but a few changes have been made. In the game's campaign mode, players can now choose from branching paths at certain points rather than being shuttled through an entirely linear map series of maps. There are also some new special abilities and power-ups, such as plant food that temporarily boosts the firing rate. Some power-ups also allow the player to directly attack the zombies, pinching their heads until they explode or flinging them from the screen. "Plants vs. Zombies 2" also now has in-app purchases.

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