How Do You Play the Game Mr. and Mrs. Right?

Playing Mr. and Mrs. Right requires a group of people standing in a circle. Tell the participants that when they hear the word "left," they have to step to the left, and when they hear the word "right," they need to step to the right. Read a long story about Mr. and Mrs. Right using the words "left" and "right" many times. Hilarity ensues when players knock into each other, forgetting which way to step at each "left" and "right."

For a competitive version of Mr. and Mrs. Right, eliminate any player who steps in the wrong direction. The players left at the end of the story get a small prize. Mr. and Mrs. Right is a simple ice breaker game to loosen up a group of people who don't know each other well.

Play Mr. and Mrs. Right at a bridal shower or engagement party using a custom story that emphasizes elements of the couple's story. A fun option is to have the guests sit in the circle, and then pass out three boxes with fun, wearable prizes in them. Tell the players that the boxes contain embarrassing things and that the people holding the boxes at the end have to wear the contents for the rest of the party. The guests pass the box to the left or right at the appropriate times in the story. The surprise is that the boxes contain nice presents instead of embarrassing items.