How Do You Play the Game "Minecraft"?


Play the game "Minecraft" by creating a character and exploring the world to collect different resources and build a shelter. Collecting resources allows you to craft new items, such as tools or weapons, which you then use to protect yourself from monsters or harvest new types of resources.

The computer version of "Minecraft" uses a basic control scheme typical of many computer games, wherein the "W" key moves you forward, the "A" key to the left, the "S" key backwards and the "D" key to the right. While exploring the world, use the mouse to click on different blocks to break them down and collect resources. The game then allows you to use those blocks to build various structures as you see fit.

"Minecraft" includes two games modes: Creative and Survival. In the Creative mode you have free reign to explore the world and build anything you wish. This mode gives you access to an extensive selection of resources and tools, and also allows you to fly through the world instead of walking. Survival mode requires you to gather all of your resources on your own, and removes the ability to fly. In this mode you also have a health meter, which means that attacking enemies such as zombies and Creepers are able to hurt and ultimately kill you.