How Do You Play the Game Legends of Equestria?


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The volunteers making the “Legends of Equestria” game haven't released it, as of July 2015. The FAQ on the official site for the title states that the volunteers don't have a release date. They wish to release the game quickly without seeing a decline in quality.

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Although the developers have yet to release all of the features to come in “Legends of Equestria,” they have said that they are including the option for players to join races in the game. Some of the creatures that players can race include a pegasus, a unicorn and an earth pony.

One reason for the slow development for the game is that the developers plan to make no money from it. The FAQ states that the game is free and players don't have to pay to unlock any kind of premium content. After players download the game, they can play the whole thing without charge.

Players can customize their own ponies when the game launches. Some of the features that can be changed include the races, colors, genders, tail styles, accessories and cutie marks of the ponies. The developers plan to add a large amount of cutie marks to the game, and players cannot upload their own once the game is released. The developers feel that this could require too much moderation.

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