How Do You Play the Game "Jetpack Joyride"?


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"Jetpack Joyride" has simple, one touch controls where pressing on the screen causes the jetpack to fly up, and letting go causes the jetpack to fall. The jetpack is constantly moving from left to right and the only control the player has is vertical movement. The objective of the game is to travel as far as possible by avoiding hazards such as missiles and laser beams, collecting coins along the way.

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The main character of the game is Barry, a salesman who tries to retrieve experimental jetpacks from evil scientists. Coins Barry collects can be spent on various jetpacks. The game is free as of 2015.

"Jetpack Joyride" is a mobile game originally released in 2011 for iOS. As of 2015, there are versions of "Jetpack Joyride" for PC, Android, PS3, PSP, PS Vita and Windows Phone. The gameplay involves the main character, Barry, endlessly flying to the right, collecting coins and avoiding hazards. The gameplay is simple, however there are upgrades that can be purchased in-game with coins.

The hazards in the game include missiles, laser beams and zappers. The player gains coins in game that can be redeemed for upgrades including character outfits and different jetpack designs. Most of these upgrades are only aesthetic, however there are gadget and vehicle upgrades available.

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