How Do You Play the Game Hangman With Kids?


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To play Hangman with kids, choose a secret word, have the kids guess the letters, and fill in correct letters into corresponding spaces. Draw a piece of the hangman for every wrong letter guessed, and end the game if the kids don't guess the words before you draw the hangman.

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Gather a piece of paper and a writing utensil, and create enough underscores at the bottom of the page for each letter of your chosen word. Choose words whose difficulty is appropriate for the kids' age group. The players begin guessing letters one at a time. If the chosen letter is in the word, fill in the appropriate blank spaces with the letter. If the chosen letter is not in the word, write the letter on an empty space on the page, and draw part of the hangman.

Draw an upside-down L for the first wrong answer, a circle for a head under the line for the second wrong answer, a line for the body for the third, and either one arm or one leg for the subsequent wrong answers. Players can try to guess the secret word at any time during the game, but the host must treat wrong guesses like a wrong letter. The players win if they guess or fill in the word before the host forms the hangman, and the host wins if he forms the hangman first.

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