How Do You Play the Game "Give the Dog a Bone"?


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“Give the Dog a Bone” is an online brainteaser number game wherein players have to quickly determine where the displayed number is on a blank 100-square board. For every correct number that they find, the dog gets a bone.

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The goal of the game is to help kids learn to work with a number square. The story behind “Give the Dog a Bone” is that players are trying to help a puppy find all of the bones that he buried. When the game starts, a picture of a dog and his bone appears with a number underneath. The player has to click the square on the game board where that number is located.

“Give the Dog a Bone” is a timed math game. Players receive one point for every bone that they find in one minute. They win if they can find 10 bones, but they aren't penalized for guessing wrong, which means that they can pick as many squares as they want until they find the correct number.

There is a glitch in the game that allows players to still answer the question they are on even if the time runs out. If the player finds nine bones within the time limit but finds the tenth afterward, it still counts as a win.

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