How Do You Play the Game "Duck Life 3"?


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To play the game "Duck Life 3," known as "Duck Life 3: Evolution," collect coins to help the duck win back the farm. Use the left and right arrow keys to guide the duck as he flies, use the up arrow to jump, use the down arrow to dive, and use the right and left arrows to move and swim around. The goal of "Duck Life 3" is to win back the farm.

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During the game, you have the opportunity to spend the money you collect and use your purple Super Seeds. In order to collect more coins, you must train the duck, and work to become leader of the flock. Select a type of duck at the beginning of the game, and then help the duck evolve throughout the game. The available choices of duck are a swimming duck, a flying duck, a strength duck or an athletic duck.

In the game "Duck Life 3," genetically modified ducks result in a new breed of duck racing. The game presents this information through The Daily News, a newspaper in the game. The genetically modified ducks evolve throughout the game, and the duck's modification adds free points to your training levels.

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