How Do You Play the Game "8 Ball Pool" on Miniclip?


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The "8 Ball Pool" game found on Miniclip is played by sinking all of the appropriate balls into a pocket and then sinking the 8 ball. The rules and mechanics of the game change slightly depending on the table the player is on.

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The "8 Ball Pool" game begins with a player breaking the rack with the cue ball. If the player that broke sinks any shots, then she is allowed to shoot again, but if the player does not place any balls into the pocket or she places the cue ball in the pocket, then she loses her turn and the next player goes. The first player that shoots a ball into a pocket after the initial break is assigned that type of ball. For example, if a player sinks a solid, then she is solids and her opponent is stripes.

Each player is allowed to continue her turn until she misses a shot or she pockets the cue ball. The player continues to sink all of her assigned ball types into any pocket she desires until there are none left. Once all of the player's designated balls are sunk, she has to sink the 8 Ball to win the game. If the 8 ball is sunk at any point in the game prior to the player that sank it removing all of her assigned balls, then she loses the game by default.

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