How Do You Play With Furby?

Play with Furby 2.0 by teaching it to learn certain moods using repetitive tricks and actions. These can be learned quickly or over time, with a number of different moods able to "overtake" your Furby. These moods affect how Furby acts with you in a number of ways. In addition, Furby 2.0 can be used with your iPad to hatch digital "Furblings".

Furby, a popular interactive toy with a digital "personality" has a number of functions that can allow you to play with it. Furby 2.0 is able to notice patterns in your behavior and respond by playing with you through noise, movement, games, and moods. Furby develops these moods based on how you treat it.

For example, if you play music often, Furby will adopt an "energetic" or even "sassy" mood. Pulling on Furby's tail often will lead to it taking on a "crazy" mood. Ignoring your Furby will make it "sad". These moods are displayed in Furby's sounds, facial expressions, and tone of interaction. Furby 2.0 can also interact with your iPad. It knows several tricks including laying digital "eggs" in your iPad which hatch into digital "Furblings". These can then be observed and played with on their own on your iPad.