How Do You Play the Full Bubble Witch Game?


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To play "Bubble Witch Saga," aim your active bubble into the groups of bubbles in the playing field and shoot. To play on the computer, use the mouse to aim and click in the playing field to shoot the bubble.

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To win a round of "Bubble Witch Saga," you must clear all the bubbles from the playing field. Do this by shooting your active bubble strategically, so that it lands in a way that forms a chain of three or more bubbles of the same color. This will cause the chain of bubbles to pop and disappear. Any bubbles that are touching the chain, but not connected to bubbles that are still anchored, will also drop.

Pressing the space bar during play will trade your active bubble for the bubble in the cauldron. This is useful when you cannot reach a group of the same color as your active bubble.

Spiders appear at the bottom of the screen when you clear bubbles. Every consecutive bubble hit earns a spider, while a bubble miss takes one away. When the bubbles pop and drop to the bottom of the screen, they bounce on the accumulated spiders and score more points. To win the game, you must reach the minimum point requirement in addition to clearing all the bubbles.

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