How Do You Play "Frogger" Online?


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Users can play a free online Flash version of the classic arcade game "Frogger" on BigMoneyArcade.com and HappyHopper.org. The player attempts to guide Frogger across a busy street and a fast-moving river to reach the lily pads on the other side of the screen.

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The player controls Frogger with the arrow keys. Frogger can move in any direction but dies if he touches any obstacle, including cars, snakes and alligator heads. Sometimes it is necessary to backtrack in order to avoid obstacles.

The cars move in lanes of alternating directions in a set pattern. The player must learn their movement pattern, then carefully cross the street while avoiding oncoming vehicles. To cross the river, the player jumps on the logs, turtles and alligators that float by. Frogger dies if he touches the water or if a floating platform carries him off the screen. Some groups of turtles swim underwater after a few seconds, so the player must avoid sitting on them for too long. Frogger must jump onto all five lily pads at the top of the screen in order to advance to the next level.

The player must complete each level before time expires. He can earn more time by jumping on a lily pad occupied by the fly, which appears on different pads at random.

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