How Do You Play Four Square?


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The object of four square is to make one's opponents hit the ball incorrectly or out of bounds so he can advance to the highest square. The person who advances to the highest square and eliminates all other opponents is the winner.

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Four square is played on a court. The court is divided into four equal squares. There are two sets of lines that frame the court. The inside line is called the inbound line. The outside line is called the outbound line. The ball must stay inside the inbound line. Each square has a designation, either by number, letter or another agreed-upon naming convention. The highest square and the lowest square are diagonal to each other. For instance, if the squares are numbered one through four, the number one and number four square are diagonal to each other.

The game is played with a rubber ball. Players can only use their hands to pass the ball to another player. The players' hands can be open or closed, and either the palm or backside of the hand can be used. If any other body part is used, the person is eliminated.

The person in the highest square gets the first serve. That person can serve to whomever he chooses. Whoever receives the serve can return the serve to whomever he chooses. The game progresses until someone either misses, hits the ball incorrectly or hits the ball out of bounds. Once this happens, the player with the violation is eliminated from the game. The remaining players then advance one square higher, and a new player is brought in. The game ends when there is one person remaining in the highest box.

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