How Do You Play Footsie?

Footsie is a two-person game in which both people remove their shoes and gently stroke each other with their feet. As footsie is a type of flirting, it's also playful for the partners to exchange a few seductive glances. If footsie is being played in a crowded area, the key is to remain secretive and not draw attention to the game.

Although footsie usually involves two people entwining their feet together, it can also include other areas of the body. For example, using a foot to gently and slowly caress a partner's leg, calf or thigh is still considered playing footsie.

One of the biggest draws to playing footsie is doing something seductive in public while not being obvious. Many couples consider playing footsie under the table at a restaurant to be a type of foreplay. Also, playing footsie at a crowded table gives couples a sense of adventure, which can spice up their love lives.

Before playing footsie, it's important that both partners make sure their feet are clean; nothing ruins the mood quicker than being rubbed by smelly feet. When playing footsie at a crowded table, it's also important to ensure the right feet are being played with. To make sure it's the right person, the instigator can give a light kick and apologize. When the person who was kicked responds, the kicker knows whose feet he or she is touching.