How Do You Play With a Flutterbye Fairy?


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To play with a Flutterbye Fairy, charge the toy, unplug the charging cord, and press the launch button on the base. Hold your hand under the fairy's feet to guide her. Press the launch button on the base once to slowly stop the fairy or twice to stop her immediately.

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The Flutterbye Fairy toy needs about 30 minutes to fully charge before play. To charge the toy, turn the charging base on and the fairy off. The fairy's switch is on her skirt. Plug the charging cord from the base into the port on the fairy's skirt. A light on the base shuts off when the fairy reaches a full charge.

To launch the fairy, disconnect the charging cord, and turn off the base. Turn the base and the fairy on. Look for a red light on the base and a yellow light inside the fairy's skirt to show it is ready. The fairy sits on the base on a level surface for the launch. Once you push the button, she lifts off the base into the air.

Only use the fairy indoors in a room free of breakable items. Stay away from bright lights, infrared devices, fans and vents that could interfere with the fairy. To relaunch the fairy after stopping her, place her back on the base, and press the launch button again. The fairy flies an average of five to six minutes before requiring another charge.

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