How Do You Play Flip Cup?

How Do You Play Flip Cup?

To play Flip Cup, players tap the bottom rims of 16-ounce plastic cups to flip them over. The team that flips all of their cups first wins.

  1. Assign the teams

    An official game of Flip Cup consists of two teams with six players on each team. Position one team at the starting end of the table and the other at the anchor end. Starting at one, assign each team member a number and a corresponding cup on the table.

  2. Play the game

    To begin, the number one players from each team tap the other player's cup and then the table. Before trying to flip the cup, the players drink the beverage in their own cup. Once the number one player flips his cup, the number two player on the team drinks and flips his cup, and so on until one team has flipped all of their cups. An official match consists of seven rounds. The team that wins the most rounds wins the match.

  3. Break a tie

    If any round ends in a tie, play a tie breaker round with all of the team members. Known as "jungle rules," tie breakers consists of all players trying to flip their cups at once. The team that flips all of their cups first wins that round.