How Do You Play "Fling the Teacher"?

How Do You Play "Fling the Teacher"?

Students and gamers can play the “Fling the Teacher” game on websites such at The “Fling the Teacher” game is an interactive grammar game in which the players must choose the correct word that completes the sentence.

Players interact with the game using a computer mouse to select the correct answer that completes the sentence. They have to complete 16 correct answers to build a catapult to fling the teacher. If the student misses too many questions, then he is unable to fling the teacher.

Before the game starts, players create a teacher to fling. They can either try to create teachers who look like their teachers from school or press the random features button to randomly create teachers from scratch. Just like when they are choosing questions, players use the computer mouse to select through the different features.

If players successfully throw the teacher, they are rewarded with a picture of the teacher flying through the air. While it doesn't show any blood, the game does show a picture of the teacher all beat up. The game is intended for kids, so the picture of the beaten teacher isn't too graphic.

After the players successfully fling the teacher, they get the opportunity to play again. The questions change, but there is a possibility of repeat questions.