How Do You Play "Flappy Bird" Online?


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Gamers can play “Flappy Bird” on websites such as Flappybird.io. Players can use either a computer mouse or keyboard to control the game. The left mouse button or the space bar makes the bird flap.

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“Flappy Bird” is an endless game in which the goal is to achieve a high score. Players receive one point for every pipe that they successfully navigate past. After hitting just one pipe, the game is over, and the high score appears. Players can than choose to play again or upload their scores to Flappybird.io's online leader board.

“Flappy Bird” was once a mobile game that people could download from Google Play and iTunes. The developer Dong Nguyen, however, removed the game in February 2014, stating that the stress from the popularity of the game ruined his life. At the time, “Flappy Bird” was producing nearly $50,000 in revenue a day.

Since being removed from Google Play, many “Flappy Bird” clones have popped up, including “Floppy Bird.” The goal of the game remains the same, but the developer Thanatos Games changed the graphics to retro pixel art to give the game it's own unique feel. The developer of “Floppy Bird” also included trophies that players can unlock in the game after achieving certain high scores and milestones.

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