How Do You Play "Flappy Bird?"?


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To play "Flappy Bird," tap the screen of your smartphone to make the bird avatar fly, guiding it through the openings between pipes. The game ends if your bird hits a pipe or falls to the ground.

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From the start screen, tap the arrow button to begin, and tap again to make the bird avatar start flying. Each tap of the screen represents one wing flap, and tapping faster makes the bird fly higher. Memorize how high the bird flies with each tap to bring it to the proper height to fit through the gap between the first set of pipes. You must fly through pipe sets of varying heights, so finding a rhythm is important in successfully passing the obstacles.

To get a higher score on "Flappy Bird," choose a single area of the phone to tap, such as the lower right corner, and time your taps to keep the bird as level as possible. Left-handed individuals should tap in the bottom left corner to avoid obscuring the view of pipes. The game is easiest to play on larger screens such as iPads, as you can more easily discern details. To keep the game from crashing, consider rebooting the device and closing out all other applications before starting the game.

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