How Do You Play FeralHeart?

In FeralHeart, players create a custom wolf or lion avatar to explore the world, interact with other players and join packs. Players can also create custom maps and objects to modify the game world. FeralHeart is a free massively multiplayer online role-playing game that anyone can access with a computer and a stable Internet connection.

The W, A, S, and D keys control player movement, and the arrow keys control the camera. Double click on another player's avatar to bring up a menu. From this menu, the player can view the player's information, open up a chat window, invite him to a group or block him from chat.

Each of the stars along the bottom right corner of the screen opens up a different menu. The leftmost star opens up the chat window. The second star toggles the minimap, the third star displays the player's information, the fourth opens up the actions and emotes menu, the fifth displays the friends list, and the last star shows information about the player's group.

Open registration times for creating an account are random in order to limit the number of new players. Registration is open for approximately two hours at a time. Check back every couple of hours to see if registration has opened up.