How Do You Play "Farmville"?


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"Farmville" allows a player to control a simulated avatar to run a large and productive farm. The player uses the avatar to plant several types of seeds and tend them so they produce crops to harvest. Players also care for animals that produce additional goods.

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In "Farmville,” every activity requires players to expend varying amounts of energy. Energy is in limited supply and used to accomplish the most important tasks until players restore more energy over time. There is no limit to energy replenishment, only the amount of energy usable at one time. Energy storage can increase as the player levels up his avatar. A player levels up as he gains experience points any time the avatar plants seeds, harvests crops, clears a plot or takes care of the animals.

Players earn gold coins with every successful harvest. Gold coins are the currency of "Farmville" and allow players to purchase various goods in the game. Crops are the central action of the game because they yield experience, coins and rewards. Each crop has a specific time to grow, and players harvest crops before they wither. Players plant and harvest fruit trees without withering or maintenance and purchase and sell farm animals using coins.

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