How Do You Play Farm Town on Facebook?


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To play Farm Town on Facebook, players need to log into their Facebook account, search for "Farm Town" using the Facebook search bar, then click "Allow" to add the application to their Facebook account. Players need to enter their name and gender to create their farmer profile.

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After setting up Farm Town on Facebook, players can use the tools in the bottom bar to play the game. The aim is to take care of the farm using these tools. The plow tool allows players to create new fields of crops. When the crops have grown, players can gather their produce using the harvest tool. They can also purchase new seeds by clicking on the "store" button or invite friends by clicking "add neighbor."

Farm Town players earn in-game currency by selling items in the marketplace. They can then spend these coins on animals, plants, supplies or decorations for their farms. Investing in new seeds is a good way to earn more coins, as the grown plants are sold at a profit. Players also gain items to sell in the marketplace by working on their friends farms. The aim of the game is to level up the farm by gaining points for growing crops, building farm buildings and raising animals.

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