How Do You Play Farm Frenzy?


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To play Farm Frenzy, click the ground to make the grass grow, which then allows the animals to eat and lay eggs. Click the eggs to move them to your storehouse, where you can then sell them for money to fund the growth of the farm. Complete levels of Farm Frenzy by meeting the goals tied to each stage.

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As you play Farm Frenzy, you generate more and more money by selling goods and purchasing upgrades for the farm that create more income. As the game progresses, a bear may appear occasionally to attack the animals on the farm. Click on the bear to cage it as fast as possible. Once you trap the bear, move it into the storehouse to be sold later as profit. Later on, selling basic eggs won't be enough, so instead build an egg solids plant, which turns eggs into powered eggs. Doing this doubles the amount of money the eggs are worth. If you build a bakery, then you can transform the powered eggs into baked goods. Baked goods are worth far more than powered eggs. As the Farm Frenzy progresses, you can build more and more buildings. Each stage of the game has pre-determined building choices that helps to streamline the game for players.

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