How Do You Play Fantasy Basketball?


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In fantasy basketball, players open a season by "drafting" their choice of players from the real-life NBA roster, then tracking those players' performances in games throughout the season. Each statistic the league tracks is given a weight in points, and at the end of the season, the fantasy team with the most points wins. The number of tracked categories depends on the league and the complexity desired by the players.

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In addition to season-long tracking systems, some fantasy sports leagues offer head-to-head competitions. In these systems, each fantasy team in the league plays another team each week with the team's cumulative real-world statistics determining the victor. If the players of team A score a total of 98 points in one week while the players of team B score 110 points, team B wins the match-up. These systems are more complicated than the cumulative point scoring systems simpler leagues use but offer more excitement and realism to their players.

Choosing players for fantasy basketball teams often takes the form of a fantasy draft and, in some cases, simply allow team managers to choose players from the real-world roster in turn. Other systems involve giving each team a fictional budget and then auctioning high-demand players, which can force team managers to make tough decisions about their team composition.

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