How Do You Play the Fancy Pants Adventure Games?


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Fancy Pants Adventure games are free games that are played online through a computer or on a console. The goal is to pass several levels of varying difficulty and defeat enemies, such as snails and spiders, in order to reach a goal. The goal changes in every game.

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The main character is a stick figure who has special running abilities. This character runs through open levels that have obstacles and enemies he must jump over and defeat. There is a hand key for jumping that allows the player to use the enemies as a trampoline. The terrain of each level is also designed to help the character accelerate and jump when needed. There are springboards, half pipes and hills that the player uses to accomplish tasks.

The game is very fast paced but there is opportunity for the player to explore different levels. This is beneficial as there are hidden access points to special areas that often contain special items that make game play easier. For example, swirls fill up the players' health, and 100 swirls give the player an additional life. Trophies can be viewed in the main room of the game and are collected to help the player reach whatever goal is needed in the game.

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