How Do You Play "Fancy Pants 3" Online?


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Play the game "Fancy Pants Adventures: World 3" online by using the left and right arrows to move the character throughout the world in order to collect items and reach the end of each level. Other controls include the S key to jump and the down arrow to slide.

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The basic controls for the game "Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3" consist of movement via the left and right arrow keys along with jumps by pressing the S key. Each level presents different obstacles and challenges to collecting items and exploring the world. One of the key features of the game is the wall jump, which you perform simply by jumping towards a wall while pressing either the left or right arrow keys. Holding down on the arrow key causes the character to hold in place for a few seconds, while pressing the jump button in conjunction with the opposite direction causes him to jump off the wall.

Another major game play component is sliding. To slide, hold the down arrow key while running. Slides only last a few seconds, but they allow the character to pass under low-hanging obstacles and to defeat various enemies. If the player runs along a curved ramp that leads to a wall, he runs up the wall and has access to various jump moves.

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