How Do You Play "Family Feud" on the Computer?


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Several different computer game versions of "Family Feud," a survey game based on the TV game show of the same name, can be played for free online in a Web browser or offline as a downloadable program. A version for Windows computers is available for purchase on Amazon.com, while a more recent iOS compatible version of the game is sold on iTunes, as of 2015.

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To play the single-player version of "Family Feud" online, go to the MSN Game site using a browser with Flash enabled and click Play. When a question appears, you have 20 seconds to type possible answers into the response field, winning higher scores for more popular answers. The game accepts alternative spellings and phrasings of most answers.

To play offline or with more than one player, purchase the full version of the game on Amazon.com or iTunes. To install on a Windows computer, download the file to the hard drive, then run it to install the game. The iOS version of the game available on iTunes is more recent and more advanced than the online and Windows editions. The official "Family Feud" website also offers free downloads of the game "Family Feud 2" as an app for iOS and Android.

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