How Do You Play the "Falling Fred" Games Online?


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The "Falling Fred" series of games isn't available to play online. “Falling Fred” and “Super Falling Fred” are mobile games that are available to download on Android devices from Google Play. Both of these games are rated Teen for cartoon violence and gore.

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In “Falling Fred,” players have to attempt to keep Fred alive as long as possible while he jumps from great heights. This is an arcade game that has no end. Instead, people play to get a high score. The longer that players keep Fred alive, the higher their scores get. During the fall, players have to dodge obstacles such as walls, lasers and chainsaws.

In “Super Falling Fred,” players get more of the same with Fred jumping from tall heights and into the fiery depths of earth, but this game is faster, harder and bloodier than the first. Players can unlock power-ups that give Fred super powers to help him during the fall. There are other characters that players can unlock as well.

Both games require players to avoid hitting objects to keep the on-screen character alive. If a character loses its head, the game is over. However, the game can also end if players hit too many objects that damage the character. Many of the characters in the game are designed to look like real-life celebrities.

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