How Do You Play the "Falling Fred" Game?


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Play "Falling Fred" by tilting the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to control the way the main character falls through a variety of obstacles. Defeat each level by having Fred survive to the end without dying from impacting obstacles or landing on his head at high speeds.

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Tilt the device on its horizontal axis to control how far up or down the screen Fred moves as he falls, and tilt it on its vertical axis to control the left and right motion of the rapidly descending Fred. Try to pick up power-ups and the letters to spell Fred's name on the way down; this increases the overall score and chance of survival on each stage. Avoid obstacles, such as overhangs, rotary saw blades and fans that attempt to slow or kill Fred as he descends.

To beat each stage, Fred must avoid taking too much damage and must land on any part of his body other than his head. Hitting his head or feet on overhangs and other structures as he falls causes Fred to spin head over heels, which allows players to align his final position as he nears the end of each stage. Landing on Fred's head kills him and requires a restart of the stage.

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