How Do You Play "Fairway Solitaire"?


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"Fairway Solitaire" by Big Fish Games is played according to rules similar to those of the standard Solitaire variant Klondike, except that the piles of cards that are cleared from the playfield are not similarly standardized in length. They are also drawn to only one discard pile.

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Cards are valued with two being the lowest and aces being the highest. On each turn, players can remove one card from the playfield if it is one numeric unit higher or lower in value than the card that is currently on top of the discard pile. If no card can be removed, players turn over a card from the stock to the discard pile. Cards can "wrap around" the deck in value; for example, a king can be removed to an ace and vice versa.

The object of the game is to clear the playfield before the stock is exhausted. Players get bonus "golf bucks" for long combinations of card removals, and these can be used to purchase sets of clubs, which are effectively bonus cards that can be played at any time. Some levels have extra obstacles such as water hazards, where a group of cards in the hazard area must first be cleared to allow access to other cards.

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