How Do You Play "Escaping the Prison"?

How Do You Play "Escaping the Prison"?

To play "Escaping the Prison," choose one of the items. Depending on the item you choose, additional options may be available. The game is available on, as of July 2015.

Visit the home page, and click on Stick Games. Find "Escaping the Prison" on one of the game pages, and click on it.

The game begins with an intro sequence in which your character receives a cake with an item in it. Your first option is choosing which item the cake contains. Certain items, such as the NrG drink, teleporter and rocket launcher, don't provide additional options after being selected and result in failure.

Additional options vary depending on the item you select. Most items and options lead to failure. If you fail, you can retry from the start of the game or from the most recent choice you made. The game has two correct paths to get out of prison.

To follow one correct path, select the file, and use it on the cell door. Click each side of the screen when prompted to fight off the guards. When your character enters a room, choose the chair, and then crawl through the air duct to the right. Select the plunger, and your character escapes.

To find the other path, select the cell phone. Choose the disguising bag as evidence. Your defense attorney then proves your character is innocent.