How Do You Play "Episode - Choose Your Story"?

Play the game "Episode - Choose Your Story" by selecting one of the available stories, known as episodes, and then making various narrative choices as you experience the interactive tale. Each episode presents a different scenario in which the player must interact with characters to achieve one of several outcomes.

The core elements of "Episode - Choose Your Story" focus on player choice within an interactive narrative, as the player's choices bear actual weight on the outcome of the tale. At the start of the game, the player must choose an episode to play; each episode contains its own options, characters and setting. Once an episode begins, the player assumes the role of a single character with a unique objective. For example, in the episode Campus Crush, you play as a freshman attending a university who must make friends, find a romantic partner, and discover the reason she received a scholarship to the school.

The gameplay consists of selecting from different menu options to move to different areas and engaging in conversations with characters. Each conversation also includes multiple dialogue choices that affect how the story unfolds. Depending on the choices you make, you are able to befriend certain characters and uncover different information about your goals. Each episode also features numerous endings depending on the in-game choices.