How Do You Play "Elsa's Baby Birth"?


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Playing the game "Elsa's Baby Birth" involves using the mouse to interact with different items and buttons on the screen in order to help Elsa from Disney's "Frozen" give birth to and care for a baby. Each level of the game incorporates different actions to progress forward.

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The game begins by presenting the player with a fictional family that includes Elsa from the movie "Frozen" as a pregnant mother about to give birth to a child. Each stage of the game covers a different aspect of the events before, during and following the child birth experience. The controls for the game consist primarily of clicking on different elements of each level, with some levels also requiring you to drag certain items to a specific location. The game utilizes in-game prompts to direct you on how to complete each task and move on to the next level.

One example of this is in the opening level, where you need to help Elsa collect different items before heading to the hospital. A prompt explains the situation, then displays an item on which you need to click before dragging it into Elsa's diaper bag. After collecting all the specified items, the prompt explains that you need to open the phone and click on the numbers to dial 911.

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