How Do You Play "Electric Man 3"?


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The online fighting game "Electric Man 3" is playable by use of the keyboard. The Q, W, E, A, S, and D keys are mapped to different attacks while the directional left, down and right arrows move the character and dodge attacks. A combination of running left or right with the arrow key and pressing one of the attack buttons (A, S, Q or W) performs different types of attacks.

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A and Q buttons perform punch and slow motion punch actions, S and W are assigned to kick attacks, and D and E are used to grab and throw enemies. Electric Man uses these attacks against different types of enemies that get progressively stronger.

"Electric Man 3" uses a dynamic fighting system, where the exact nature of the attacks changes dependent on the position of the enemy. When surrounded by enemies, Electric Man's punch and kick attacks hit enemies on both sides. While running, Electric Man's kick and throw attacks also change, causing more damage and having a longer reach.

Electric Man faces off against a new group of enemies for each round. At the end of a round, the game displays a save code that allows players to load their in-game progress.

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