How Do You Play "Electric Man 2"?

How Do You Play "Electric Man 2"?

To play "Electric Man 2," use the arrow keys to control your character and letter keys to perform attacks. The game is available on

The left and right arrow keys make the character run in that direction, while the down arrow key causes the character to perform a dodge maneuver. The "a," "s" and "d" keys are for punching, kicking and grabbing attacks, respectively. The "q," "w" and "e" keys are for slow-motion versions of those attacks. The character can also perform running attacks.

The character has a battery meter. Slow-motion attacks and the flip over throw attack -- performed by pressing the "d" key while the character is running -- deplete the battery meter. The meter automatically replenishes over time.

The game's plot finds the character competing in the Tournament of Voltagen to determine the most powerful stick figure in the universe. The game has multiple character colors available and three increasingly difficult skill levels. After selecting a color and skill level, you must complete a tutorial that explains the game. You can then play the first round.

Each round has enemies you can choose to face. Once you defeat all the enemies in a round, a new round opens. The game allows you to save your progress.