How Do You Play "Effing Worms 2"?


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Gamers use the arrow keys or the W, A, S and D keys on a keyboard to play “Effing Worms 2.” The goal of the game is to eat all of the enemies on the screen before the worm becomes too hungry.

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To speed up, players hit the up arrow or the W key. They steer using the A and D or the left and right arrow keys. By traveling to the surface, they can make the worm jump out of the ground to attack people. As players progress in the game, the wings on the worm grow and allow it to fly above ground.

After each stage, players receive grades on how well they performed. Their scores are based on the highest combo that they achieved and how much health the worm has left. The hunger gauge represents the worm's health bar. Once the game tallies their scores, they have an array of options on how to level up the worm.

The worm also gets stronger as the game goes on, but so do the enemies. Players eventually have to face off against jets, tanks and soldiers with jet packs. Although these enemies cannot attack the worm while it's underground, the worm is unable to eat enemies until it surfaces.

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