How Do You Play "Dune Buggy"?


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Play the online game "Dune Buggy" by using the arrow keys to move the titular dune buggy through various obstacle courses to achieve the highest score possible. Throughout each level, collect special icons and perform tricks to increase the score.

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The basic instructions for "Dune Buggy" include pressing the up arrow key to move the car forward across each level and using the left and right arrow keys to tilt the car backwards and forwards, respectively. The tilting aspect comes into play any time the car is airborne, usually after driving off a cliff. If the car has enough speed and height, it is possible to perform a front- or back-flip and increase the score. Successful flips also earn a speed bonus. However, if the car lands on its top or sides, it incurs damage. Damage lowers the car's health meter, and an empty meter causes the car to explode and the level to end.

Pressing the space bar initiates a jump at any point. This is useful for collecting explosion icons, which increase the total score for that level. Each level also contains skull-and-crossbones icons, which decrease the total score. It is possible to use the jump mechanic to avoid many of these icons and preserve the score.

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