How Do You Play Duck Life 4?


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Gamers play “Duck Life 4” using the computer keyboard to train ducks to win races and become the fastest ducks. The game is available to play online for free on arcade websites such as Coolmath-Games.com.

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When players start “Duck Life 4,” they have $160 and need to spend this money on buying a duck and duck food. There are three colored eggs from which players can choose, and the color of the egg determines the color of the duck. Each egg one costs $100, and players earn more money to buy more ducks and duck food by training and winning races.

Players have no control over their ducks during the races. They can only control their ducks on the over-world map and during the training games. During training, players participate in a series of mini games. Their performance determines how much their ducks level up and what attributes increase the most.

There is a shop on the over-world map that allows players to buy new ducks and equipment for the ducks that they own. Any duck on the map that has an exclamation mark over its head wants to challenge the player's duck to a race. Clicking on the ducks that they own while on the over-world map allows players to see their levels and all off their attributes.

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