How Do You Play "Duck" at CoolMath-Games.com?


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"Duck" is a game comprised of various levels of increasing difficulty. The goal of the game is to complete various tasks involving ducks. Some tasks require the player to move a duck towards a particular item. Others require the player to select the correct duck after shuffling multiple ducks.

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The levels of "Duck" become increasingly difficult as the player continues playing. The first level, for instance, asks the player to use his mouse or track pad to glide a duck towards a white ball. The next level asks the player to click on three ducks so that they are facing in the player's direction. Level three shuffles around three ducks and asks the player to pick a certain one, and so on.

The game is noted for the variety of tasks that it assigns its player. Whereas most games involve a recurring gameplay structure, where the player must repeat a certain task that becomes harder and harder with each new level, this game employs a series of different tasks. "Duck" makes use of classical music as background music, and it is geared more toward students with a knack for critical thinking. The game is not objectionable and contains no controversial content.

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