How Do You Play the "Draw a Stickman" Game Online?


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Play the "Draw a Stickman" game online by visiting the site DrawAStickman.com and choosing from the available list of episodes. Each episode prompts you to draw a stickman to serve as the main character, along with other key items over the course of the game.

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At the start of the interactive story game "Draw a Stickman," you need to draw a stick figure within the specified space. This figure becomes the player avatar for the remainder of the game, moving throughout the space as if it were an actual person. The game tells the story of the stick figure through preconfigured scenes rather than allowing you to control the character. At various points in the game, you receive prompts to draw different items to progress the story.

Most areas of the game include look guidelines for creating these items, which accounts for various skill levels amongst players. For example, in Episode One, after drawing the stick figure, you encounter a locked chest. The game asks you to draw a key in the hand of the stick figure. The game loads a drawing box over the hand of the figure and only requires a basic line or shape to serve as the key. Each subsequent prompt asks for different items to move forward.

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