How Do You Play Dragon City?


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Players play Dragon City through one of multiple social media portals, including Facebook, the Google Play store, iTunes and Amazon. The game is free to play, with money earned during game play. However, if players want to advance faster, they must purchase money in-game using PayPal, debit or credit cards.

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How Do You Play Dragon City?
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Use the following process to play Dragon City.

  1. Start the game
  2. Visit the Social Point website and look for the four social media buttons in the center of the page. These take the user to the different sites where the game is available. Click on one, such as the Facebook link. Click on "Play Now" to add it to the social media page or "Install" to download the game app and install it to the computer. The game will start with an avatar named "Deus" who guides players through the basics of game play.

  3. Build a habitat
  4. Dragons need habitats to live in on the island. Click on the "Build" button at the bottom of the screen to have a purchase menu pop up. Click on the "Habitats" icon and select one of the available habitats in the menu below it. Then, move the cursor over the island and click the cursor to land the habitat in a desired spot.

  5. Hatch an egg
  6. Players need to buy an egg or breed existing dragons to get more dragons. Eggs can be purchased under "Build," then drag the egg to the "Hatchery" in the center of the island to incubate it until it hatches. To breed dragons for eggs, click on "Breeding Mountain" and "Breed." Select the two dragons to breed from the menu. When finished breeding a heart icon is visible over the mountain. Click on it to move the egg to the hatchery. There are other challenges players can see by clicking on the "Goals" icon on the game page.

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