How Do You Play Double Deck Pinochle?


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Double-deck Pinochle requires at least four players in teams of two. You use a deck of 80 cards made up of four cards of each rank in every suit in the following order: Ace, 10, King, Queen and Jack. You can make this deck by combining two Pinochle decks and removing all the nines. This game involves bidding, drawing, trick-taking and melding.

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All cards are dealt out to each player at least four cards at a time. Each player should wind up with 20 cards. After the deal, the bidding begins. The bidding begins to the dealer's left. Players bid the number of points their teams are attempting to win. Whoever wins the bid gets to choose the trump suit and leads the first trick. You score points by declaring and melding and by winning Aces, 10s and Kings during tricks. The goal is to achieve a score of 500 or more points. The winner of the bid announces the trump suit. The bidder must hold at least a marriage in her hand to call that particular suit. If the bidder doesn't have a marriage, the hand cannot be played and the bidder loses the amount of her bid. The person who won the bid leads the first trick. Then the play rotates to the left. Each player lays down a card. Trumps beat every other suit. If there's no trump, then the highest card of the lead suit wins the trick. If there are two or more identical cards played to the trick, the first card played to the trick wins. The winner of the trick leads the next trick.

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