How Do You Play "Donkey Kong"?


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Play the game "Donkey Kong" by moving Mario across different platforms and up ladders in an attempt to save his girlfriend Pauline from the titular ape. Jump to avoid rolling barrels and moving flames as well as to clear gaps in the ground. Hitting a barrel or flame kills Mario.

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The gameplay for "Donkey Kong" consists primarily of directional movement over a two-dimensional side view of a structure, with Mario starting at the bottom of the screen and Pauline sitting at the top. Donkey Kong also awaits at the top of each structure, issuing barrels and flame creatures down the structure in an attempt to thwart Mario. Though the goal of each level is to save Pauline without dying, different actions earn points that contribute to the overall score. It is possible to jump over all barrels and fire creatures to avoid damage as well as to earn points.

Each level also includes different environmental features that allow Mario to escape obstacles, such as ladders and elevators. Some levels also feature hammers that Mario is able to use to destroy barrels and fire creatures, which also earns points. After Mario reaches Pauline, the remaining time translates into a bonus score for that level. It is also possible to earn additional lives by reaching specific scores.

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