How Do You Play the Dirty Diaper Game?


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The Dirty Diaper Game is a popular baby shower game that invites guests to identify the contents of a diaper. Each diaper is filled with melted candy bars that look disgusting but actually aren't dirty at all. To play the dirty diaper game you need diapers, candy bars, paper and pens.

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  1. Open the diapers and number them

    Open each diaper fully and set it out on a flat surface. Use a pen to write a number on each diaper.

  2. Fill the diapers

    Melt each candy bar separately in a microwave or in a small pot on the stove. Scoop the melted candy into the diapers so that each diaper contains a different type of candy bar. Write down the name of the candy bar that's in each diaper along with the number on the diaper to create an answer sheet. Allow the candy to cool slightly and then partially close each diaper over the candy.

  3. Pass out paper and pens

    Give each guest a piece of paper and a pen. Tell them to number their papers with the numbers on the diapers.

  4. Examine the diapers

    Tell guests to examine the contents of each diaper and write down what they think each diaper contains next to the correlating number on their response sheets. The guest who guesses the most candy bars correctly wins the game.

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