How Do You Play Dino Run Online?

How Do You Play Dino Run Online?

Gamers can play “Dino Run” on arcade websites such as The game is completely free to play and requires the player to have a computer keyboard to control the dinosaur.

In “Dino Run,” players take control of a dinosaur that has to outrun a pyroclastic wall. While trying to outrun the wall and avoid extinction, it must also pick up eggs so that the species can live on. At the end of every level, players see a results screen that shows how many eggs they saved.

While outrunning the pyroclastic wall, players can also eat smaller dinosaurs and collect random items. The items add to the overall score, which gives them more points that they can use to upgrade the dinosaur at the end of every stage. There are several categories to upgrade, including running speeding and jumping height.

There are a number of power-ups spread throughout each level as well. Most of them look like fruits or flowers, and they enhance the dinosaur's abilities, such as jumping, strength and running, for a limited amount of time.

Players use either the keyboard arrow keys or the W, A, S and D keys to control the dinosaur. The left arrow or A key moves the dinosaur left, while the right arrow key or D key moves it to the right. Players can use either the W or up arrow key to jump and the S or down arrow key to eat other monsters or collect power-ups.