How Do You Play the Digimon Adventure Online Game?


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One or two players can play “Digimon Adventure” on arcade websites such as 2ArcadeGames. Players use the computer keyboard to control the on-screen Digimon characters. When playing with two people, both players have to share the same keyboard.

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While the game is fully playable on any computer, the default language for the game isn't English. To get the game started, players have to click on the first choice on the first menu screen. On the next menu screen, choosing the top option starts single-player mode, and the bottom option begins co-op mode. The next screen allows players to select which stage they want to play. If its their first time playing the game, they have to start on stage one.

“Digimon Adventure” is a platforming action game. Player one controls a Digimon using the A and D keys to move back and forth, the K key to jump and the J key to attack. In co-op mode, the second player uses the left and right arrow keys to move, the number 2 key to jump and the number 3 key to attack.

To beat each stage, players must break every crystal on the stage to unlock the portal at the end of the stage. They might have to kill the bad guys that walk around the stages to reach the crystals. Jumping on top of the crystals makes them break.

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