How Do You Play on Different Crazy Craft Servers?

"Minecraft" players can play on different "Crazy Craft" servers by locating their IP address and connecting to it through their game client application. Players can find "Crazy Craft" servers on various "Minecraft" server list websites, such as and, in their own unique category or tag. These server websites include information regarding each listed server, including their uptime percentage, player votes and the number of players playing on it.

"Crazy Craft" is a modpack for "Minecraft" that makes changes to the base game by increasing the difficulty through strengthening existing mob enemy creatures. Other modifications that are made through "Crazy Craft" include customized drops from enemies and custom YouTuber hats spread around the game. As of 2015, "Crazy Craft" is made of 63 independent "Minecraft" mods and can be played in multiplayer mode.

"Minecraft" is a video game with a focus on structure building and survival in an open world setting. Mojang released the game on Nov. 18, 2011. "Minecraft" is available on a wide variety of platforms, including computers running Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. A version of "Minecraft" is also available for standard gaming consoles and various types of mobile devices, including Android, Windows and Apple devices.